Secret things belong to God, but when He reveals them to us they belong to the generations of our inheritance.Ted Hanson

Many of our classes are offered on an individual basis, as online* classes or can be participated in as a group. More detailed information on Individual classes here!

New Covenant Minisitry – Ted J. Hanson, Henry Schmidt
Hearing God’s Voice* – Ted J. Hanson, Jonathan Hanson
Principles of Interpretation* – Ted J. Hanson
Understanding Grace* – Ted J . Hanson, Jonathan Smith (group facilitator)
Understanding Authority* – Ted J. Hanson
End Time Realities A* – Ted J. Hanson
End Time Realities B* – Ted J. Hanson
New Covenant Prophetic Ministry – Ted J. Hanson (2018 Process)
Prophetic Activation & Training – Ted J. Hanson
Issues of the Heart – Dr. Bob Nichols
Leadership Training – Ted J. Hanson + Dr. Bob Nichols

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