Secret things belong to God, but when He reveals them to us they belong to the generations of our inheritance.Ted Hanson

Challenge yourself with total submersion into encountering the Lord and your personal relationship with Him. Be impacted by our key training staff, made of individuals who carry unique and powerful graces from God. Grow along side others as the anointing that is inside of you is drawn out to help release life in the testimony of Christ the body! You will also experience relational connections with the local church body that is a living example of God’s spiritual letter as a testimony of New Covenant life and grace.

A training and mentoring process is part of the Christ Life Training package. The Four-Month Training Process includes key subjects to empower each participant to experience an encounter with Christ in His presence, power, and revelation. Graduates of the Four-Month Process can also choose to continue with our  Two-Month Intern Process. Our Two-Month Intern Process includes active participation in a local church community in one of our relational connections around the world.

In addition to all of the Individual Classes and Specialty Schools listed bellow the Full Time Students will participate in the following:

  • School of Worship
  • Christ In Me (where students are the teachers- outward expression)
  • Leadership Training
  • Awake & Arise
  • Personal Mentoring

COST of 4-month training and mentoring process is $900 for all 4 months – 

Pay the full school registration fee before December 1, 2017 and receive a 10% discount.
Monthly Cost of Food & Housing (An Estimated Cost) = $600 per month – $2,400 for all 4 months. We have community housing available and the cost of $600 per month is a high estimate. It is usually less.

Expected Expense for optional Intern Program is $825 per month for 2 months

February 15 – 28, 2018

A Two-Week School that will challenge you in hearing God’s Voice in your own life and for encouragement in others lives. Respond to the Holy Spirit in new and exciting ways, while in a safe training atmosphere. Be released to minister to others in gifts of healing, prophecy, But most of all EXPERIENCE THE TRUTH OF GOD SPEAKING AND LIFE HAPPENNING!

3 sessions of Hearing God’s Voice
7 Sessions of School of Healing
5+ Sessions of School of Prophets
Open Ministry Service
Holy Spirit Encounter Night

Many of our classes are offered on an individual basis, as online* classes or can be participated in as a group. More detailed information on Individual classes here!

New Covenant Minisitry – Ted J. Hanson, Henry Schmidt
Hearing God’s Voice* – Ted J. Hanson, Jonathan Hanson
Principles of Interpretation* – Ted J. Hanson
Understanding Grace* – Ted J . Hanson, Jonathan Smith (group facilitator)
Understanding Authority* – Ted J. Hanson
End Time Realities A* – Ted J. Hanson
End Time Realities B* – Ted J. Hanson

Specialty Schools

Only available for a short term or weekend course? – See our specialty weekend schools that will truly transform your life. Options for encountering the many different aspects of Holy Spirit, that will help you to be activated, facilitated and release into bringing the Kingdom of Heaven. Find out more about each weekend including date for specialty schools here!

School of Prophets – Ted J. Hanson & Others
School of Healing – Carol Sweet, Ted J. Hanson, Phil Russell, Henry Schmidt
Issues of the Heart – Dr. Bob Nichols
School of Worship – Ted J. Hanson, Rachael James
Awake and Arise – Janet Robinson