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Christ Life Training – On Line Training

Understanding Grace is one of several courses that we offer as On Line options.

Christ Life Training offers a unique opportunity to receive in person training and mentorship from Ted Hanson. Those that don’t get to make it to the city of Bellingham can receive the insight and the unique revelations God has put on Ted’s heart as written out in one of his books. These are messages of a life lived in relationship with God that can be read, heard as they have been kept in his life. Available in print, ebook or as an entire class courses.

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  • A Change in the Sound October 16, 2017
    Greetings; I have just finished a great weekend with a great church in Lisbon, Portugal. It was great to be with Pastor Jorge Jacinto and the church of Brotherly Love. We spent the weekend teaching on worship and praise, their … Continue reading →


  • Grace is Given in Zion October 18, 2017
       Greetings, We live in a New Covenant and we have been given access to God’s mercy and God’s grace. Mercy frees us from the judgments of the law and grace empowers us to reign in life with the transforming … Continue reading →

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  • Dismount. December 1, 2016
    A dear friend of mine—a member of my hometeam—uses this phrase when she’s done with a big meal. She puts her fork down and utters the word with a deep breath of exasperation. Dismount. She’s all done. She’s had enough. This meal is over, she’s had her fill. What I love is that this doesn’t […]

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  • He Is Mercy October 1, 2017
    Jesus doesn’t do Mercy – He IS Mercy It was as I was saying that there was no reason to …Continue reading →