Christ Life Training (CLT) was established upon a foundation of training, equipping, and activating ministry in the life of each believer. Strong values of a personal relationship with God, hearing His voice, and living in the power and intimate presence of His Spirit are at the core of our training process. New Covenant life and Grace are in the foundation of my life message and a strong personal testimony in the fabric of the CLT experience. Secret things belong to God, but when He reveals them to us they belong to the generations of our inheritance. I have committed my life to giving the secret things that God has given to me to the next generation in the hope that they will be transitioned to the generations that follow them. God gives His secrets to build His community of life upon the earth.

I believe that God disciples nations through, local church ministry and each believer being unique prophetic expressions of the Spirit of God. If you are seeking to find your place of fit in the local church, establish a local church community, or embark upon a community based missions venture, CLT can prove to be an essential part of your spiritual adventure. With a strong emphasis upon understanding the word of God and an intimate encounter with the Spirit of God, we help to empower each for their part in the call of God in Christ. The focus of facilitating strong encounters with God will put you on a journey of destiny, discovering God’s truth and presence, wherever you are led in life. I consider this training essential to those who are called to lead in the body of Christ. It would grow any church leadership team, community core and church body in life-giving, life transforming ways.

Christ Life Training is connected very strongly to the local church body known as A-Life family – a ministry that was founded and established by myself for twenty years and continues to grow and mature as a living example of the spiritual letter that we seek to train, equip and activate in hearts of generations. Come share in the experience of our mentoring and training that will change your life, empower your life, and propel you on the path of discovering who you are in Christ. We welcome you to share in a life of intimacy with God that will open the door to change the world in which you live!



Ted J. Hanson


What are our foundational values?

These Are Our Values:

  1. God writes a spiritual letter as an expression of Christ in human form in the earth. 
  2. God determines our value. He gives us our identity, testimony, and destiny in Christ.
  3. The New Covenant is the tree of life, not the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
  4. Grace is the supernatural presence and power of God in our lives that changes our world. 
  5. We equip believers through activation, facilitation and release in the power of God’s Spirit. 
  6. We value the organism of the body of Christ, not an organiztoin of Christianity. Christ in you is the hope of glory!
  7. The voice of God is NOW. The time is always NOW. Faith comes by hearing God in our hearts. 
  8. The internal kingdom of heaven changes the external kingdoms of men. We believe that humans should be naturally supernatural and suppernaturally natural.

Who are our affiliations?

We are associated with Abundant Life church in Bellingham, WA. Abundant Life is a local church in association with Reformation International Ministries. R.I.M. is a relational network of Christian leaders who are committed to provide encouragement, relationship, and accountability to one another. Each R.I.M. participant represents churches and ministries throughout the world. We work to serve, activate, and equip one another to disciple the nations through local churches and local church ministries. We believe in a victorious church and a global harvest, and are committed to allowing the presence of the Holy Spirit to bring reformation to the church according to God’s plan in the restoration of all things.

What does student- life look like?

Christ Life Training offers a community atmosphere with real life practicalities. Students are an active part of the local church and community. They live with families or together in homes engaging in life and joining in the practice of coming to The Table. Students have a unique opportunity in the full-time school to focus on their personal relationship with the Holy Spirit and engaging in community. Being a part of the student housing is not required, but is beneficial to the community dynamic. Christ Life Training is located in Bellingham, Washington.


Receiving The Secret Things! – Deut. 29:29

Based upon the input of Ted J. Hanson, the CLT Team, Dr. Bob Nichols, Henry Schmidt, Pastor Jonathan Hanson, and Other Teachers – These are some of the Secret Things that are found in the treasure chest of Christ Life Training –

Unlock The Secrets To:

  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • Understanding Life-Giving Authority
  • Living in the Intimate Realities of New Covenant Life
  • Living in the Past and Current Expressions of God’s Grace in the Earth
  • Experiencing and Exercising Supernatural Ministry and God’s Prophetic Expressions of Life
  • Revelation for a Covenant Foundation of End Times in Order to Walk in the Grace of His Kingdom Coming and His Will Being Done in all Times
  • Being Free From the Issues of the Heart
  • Living Life Fully Alive
  • Allowing God’s Word and Spirit to be Active in Your Life
  • Leading Others With a Generational Plan
  • Living as a Community of Love and Life
  • An experience in responding to God in WORSHIP and becoming a testimony of His PRAISE


The training process is under the direction of Ted J. Hanson, the founder and main teacher in the school. The teaching staff of Christ Life Training is made of seasoned fathers and mothers in the faith who bring a ‘life message’ for an impartation of grace to the students in the training process. The training process is also comprised of individuals who are a community core group of facilitators and disciples in the community process of Christ Life.

What do I do after the training process over?

If you fall in love with the Bellingham community and just don’t want to leave after the four-month school there are many ways to stay connected, both through the local A-Life community or consider an internship! Return to your local church, ministry or work more alive in your personal relationship with the Lord to release New Covenant life. Find a place of community and ministry through relational connections in your life. Some have established counseling ministries, healing ministries, resource ministries, or some other connection in expanding Christ life expressions.

Individuals who complete the four-month training process will also be eligible to participate in our Continuing Intern Program.

The full-time training and mentoring process is required for those who choose to continue with our  Intern Process. Our Intern Process includes active participation in a local church community in one of our relational connections around the world.

Are there scholarships?

No formal scholarships are provided at this time. If you are unfamiliar with the Bellingham area, assistance in finding housing and transportation from the airport is something we would be happy to help you arrange!

What does it cost me to Apply?

Applying to the training process is $20 paid either by paypal or check. And of course a few minutes of your time.

What’s Next?

If your interest is peaked and you want to know more check out the course content or download our informational packet. Have specific questions of your own? We can be reached directly on our contact page or click on the chat button below! All that’s left is to Apply!

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An open letter from Patty Reed on Bellingham Culture

Let me explain the table. This thing—this incredibly perfect piece of solid wood—represents something greater. It represents the reason we moved to Bellingham, the reason we packed our bags and decided to show up here in this place, with these people, (almost) blindly jumping on the wave that was rolling through this community. It represents a desire to gather, to connect, to be a safe space for people to give and take, to breathe in and out the things that belong and don’t belong.

We cherish our quiet and our peace and our safety that we have – we cherish the fact that it’s ours. We cherish the space, but we honor the table.

The table is a responsibility. It’s representative of what the people before us have fought to build long before we arrived. There’s a weight to this thing, and a sense that it isn’t totally ours. This table belongs to the community of people that choose to gather around it. It belongs to the ones fighting to connect, to stay present, to show up for each other when everything around us is trying to tear us apart. This table belongs to each person that claims a chair and a space—it isn’t fully ours, and we know that.

For some reason, we have been given this responsibility to house it, to protect it, to honor it. We have been entrusted with this thing that represents the connection and the depth of this community. We were asked to make the space for it, and for some reason we said yes, not knowing what we were getting ourselves into.

I know it’s just a table.

I know this community is not based on this physical piece of furniture.

But it means something. It says something. It declares what we came here to do, in the face of all the disconnection and tearing apart. This table says we aren’t backing down. This table says we choose each other, we trust the people we moved across the country to live life with, and this community stands strong. It says we have strength and purpose in being together, and we choose to show up.

So we bought the table, in a whirlwind that felt very urgent and important. And we say thank you to this community we are a part of for letting us say yes and be that place of safety, for trusting us with giving the table a home, and for choosing to pull up your chairs and claim a spot.

Here’s to us, Bellingfamily. Let’s raise some glasses and celebrate around our table.



David Samual Wyldoaks

(World Race, G42 & CLT)
Christ Life Training has taught me about grace and touched me with a deeper revelation of covenant. It has activated my spirit and given me a love for the Bride. It has changed how I view the Father and His Heart for His Children! I feel empowered to live a victorious life!

Tracy Horne

(World Race, AIM & CLT)
How do you put one of the most transforming and life changing experience into a few words? It helped open my eyes to how God sees me and loves me. My life is forever impacted by learning to hear God’s voice in a deeper way. It has given me more insight into how God sees me which in turn changed how I see and value myself. I would highly recommend going through Christ Life Training if you are willing to be open to change!

Patty Reed

(World Race, G42 & CLT)
It provided a new foundation—and the space for new revelation—that has pushed me to grab ahold of who I am as a child of God. I’ve seen here such a culture of family within the church community that has changed my perspective of what life is intended to be. I showed up with a lot of questions and no idea how to put those questions into words, having had a lot of my beliefs challenged and broken down over the past few years. Through Ted’s teaching and his willingness to allow Holy Spirit to show up for each of us, I encountered a God of hope, who celebrates his children, and makes life happen. Christ Life Training is something that will push and challenge everything you thought you knew and leave you in awe of the stories God is writing in us—stories covered in redemption and hope, stories that bring dead things to life.

Patrick Doyle

(G42 & CLT)
Experiencing the Fathers Love is what has transformed my life the most and I have never experienced such intimacy as in my time during and since Christ Life Training. It has taught me to hear God to know Him and to walk in relationship with Him. These courses have broken off the chains that society and religion have placed on me through encounters with Holy Spirit! I have a future and a hope and it is in a relationship with my Heavenly Father that is for the Generations!

Derek Begin

(World Race, AIM & CLT)
Attending this training has given me a deeper understanding of GOD’s grace & has empowered me to walk in it & to love people where their at. I’m learning to walk in this deeper grace that GOD gives me because for too long I have been living in law & religion.

Yesenia Abarca

(G42 & CLT)
Encountering God and being transformed – this school has been a place of a furious love & a deep intimacy of what the Groom & Bride of Christ is about. You will never be the same.

Jeremiah Jackson

(World Race, G42 & CLT)
“Being here has solidified such an identity for me, it set such a foundation, it has shown me that inside of me is an anointing that breaks every yoke…”

Ben Nichols

(Pastor @ALife Church)
Christ Life Training laid a solid foundation to help me become a better friend, husband, father, business man & pastor. One of he best investments I have ever made. Come expecting and your hunger will be met!