Secret things belong to God, but when He reveals them to us they belong to the generations of our inheritance.Ted Hanson
Available Online Classes

Christ Life Training provides a spiritual encounter with Christ that is both revelatory and transformational in nature. The primary teacher is Ted J. Hanson. Many of the courses are based upon Ted’s personal revelation and grace in teaching, activating and releasing New Covenant life and grace in others. All of the teaching at Christ Life Training is by individual’s who carry a life message. Secret things belong to God, but when they are given to someone they can be given to those who hunger for the grace given by God for that secret to be multiplied in the lives of many. The training process is designed to challenge you, stretch you, and make you grow through an encounter with Christ in your heart and in the room. Each course exhibits this same attribute.

Christ Life Training Course Catalog CLT Catalog

Many of our classes are offered on an individual basis, as online* classes or can be participated in as a group. More detailed information on Individual Classes Here!

  • New Covenant Ministry 1* and New Covenant Ministry 2* – Ted J. Hanson, Henry Schmidt
  • Foundations for Hearing God’s Voice* and Overcoming Hindrances to Hearing God’s Voice* – Ted J. Hanson, Jonathan Hanson
  • Secrets To Understanding God’s Word* and Study the Word* (Principles of Interpretation) – Ted J. Hanson
  • (Understanding Grace) The Redeemed Earth & The Power of Grace*, Foundations of Grace*, and Grace B – A Deeper Look at Grace* – Ted J . Hanson, Jonathan Smith (group facilitator)
  • Understanding Authority 1* and Understanding Authority 2* – Ted J. Hanson
  • The End Times of the Old Covenant* – Ted J. Hanson
  • Covenant Foundations of the New Covenant – A View From Heaven* – Ted J. Hanson
  • Covenant Foundations of the New Covenant – A View From Earth* – Ted J. Hanson
  • New Covenant Prophetic Ministry – Ted J. Hanson
    Prophetic Activation & Training – Ted J. Hanson
  • Properly Judging Prophetic Ministry* – Ted J. Hanson
  • Prophetic Ministry – A Ministry of Life* – Ted J. Hanson
  • Leadership Training – Ted J. Hanson, Pastor Jonathan Hanson + Others
  • Generational Leadership* – Ted J. Hanson
  • New Covenant Worship* – Ted J. Hanson & Others

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